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P4P-003: Doug Nordman

March 1st, 2019

Want to be financially independent by age 41? How about on a military income? If you think that sounds impossible, listen to this interview with Doug Nordman from Oahu, Hawaii! Doug and his wife have been financially independent (and retired "early") since before "FIRE" was a cool movement! Yes, he's a real estate investor, but that's not his source of retirement income. More importantly, he is a sound financial guy with real expertise in how military members might plan ahead to REALLY retire when they leave the military after 20 years.  Other military veterans would do well to listen to a few of Doug's sound advice nuggets and be sure to check out his book (either buy from Amazon or check out of one of 100+ libraries it's located in throughout country) - The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement.  Also listen to some great tips on buying (or not buying) a home at your duty station and shark risks for surfers!

"Buy Me A Boat" by Chris Janson and "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood are used here courtesy of the artists and their publishers.

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